Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

A practical guide to optimizing customer engagement with intelligent scheduling

The Right Interaction at Exactly the Right Time

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling (IAS) revolutionizes how businesses connect with their customers. Until now, businesses booked meetings reactively, usually after customers and prospects expressed interest, which often left a gap between interest and response—and created lost opportunities.

Online scheduling, paired with smart matching and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, produces the kind of personalized interactions that address a customer's individual needs. With IAS, businesses can now individually tailor engagements by proactively and instantaneously matching the right experts to the right customers at the right time, via the right channel.







  • Search
  • Website
  • Social
  • Email
  • Call Center
  • Mobile
  • Text
  • Voice
  • Kiosk
  • Queue Display
  • Survey
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Customer Success
  • Technical Expert
  • Relationship Manager
  • Associate
  • Specialist

Market Leaders Are Benefitting Now from IAS

Leading consumer-facing and business-to-business companies are increasingly using intelligent appointment scheduling to map out engagement journeys, understand the best ways to reach out to their customers, and connect them to the right expert, immediately at their moment of need.

Early adopters of IAS have already grown revenue and loyalty by advancing more customers along the path to purchasing and by supporting on-going customer service.

The examples that follow draw from several industries and show practical and impactful ways businesses are now using intelligent appointment scheduling.

A financial services institution

Banks, credit unions, and wealth managers use intelligent appointment scheduling to book in-person meetings where they can help clients pick the best mortgages, savings plans, and other offerings.

Intelligent appointment scheduling (IAS) combined with artificial intelligence (AI) can recognize a child's recent tenth birthday

The family's financial planner is prompted to email his client and suggest scheduling a meeting to review college savings plans

Or, a bank can determine that a prospect is researching mortgages or home equity loans

The bank can proactively offer appointments with loan officers at the exact moment a prospect is showing interest

IAS connects customers with financial advisors at the exact time needs arise

Multinational Technology Leader IBM

IBM, one of the world's best-known technology companies, uses IAS integrated with its Watson AI solution to connect selected prospects with previously hard-to-reach technologists and scientists.

An IT buyer researches a potential technology solution on

Watson AI observes the buyer's particular behaviors on the site

Watson recognizes high interest and technical understanding, triggering the IAS system to offer times for a live conversation with a technical expert

If the buyer selects a meeting time, an appointment is immediately scheduled to take place during the user's web session or at a future time

A conversation can take place with one or even multiple people, as an in-person meeting or a call

Using Intelligent Appointment Scheduling, IBM is engaging potential buyers at the MOMENT of INTEREST, securing a deeper and ongoing relationship


Online shoppers are offered appointments with in-store personnel—providing the concierge service and individual attention that only an in-person interaction can deliver.

Someone is browsing for just the right outfit on the website of a major high-end fashion department store

Integrated AI identifies high-value customers who should be offered an appointment with an in-store personal shopper

Once the appointment is booked, IAS delivers the shopper's information, preferences, and prior purchase history to the personal shopper, to help provide the right guidance

Retailers see as much as a 60% conversion rate from online shoppers who book in-store appointments, vs. a 20% conversion rate from walk-ins

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling provides the ultimate "we've been expecting you" service that differentiates retailers from their competitors


A leading U.S. health and beauty retailer recognized a growing customer need: an instantaneous, easy way for its clients to schedule an in-person consultation or coaching session with a beauty advisor or join in-store events.

This retailer embeds a "Book Now" link in a marketing email or a social media post, allowing the customer to schedule an appointment with an in-store beauty advisor

The prospect simply enters his or her location...

Then sees a calendar showing open slots, and chooses a convenient time to come into the store to meet with a beauty advisor

The beauty advisor has the customer's history and preferences in hand during the in-person session

This retailer extends its "Experiential Retail" strategy across all marketing channels and books appointments at their customers' preferred locations and times


A top home improvement retailer drives in-store appointments and higher-value orders with design consultants. These in-person conversations also improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat purchases.

A prospect is on the retailer's website searching for help with building a deck or remodeling a kitchen

At the precise moment when the customer is searching for information, they see an offer to schedule an appointment with a design expert

Once the appointment is booked, the design expert sees the client's preferences and history, helping to personalize the conversation

Data shows that once in the store, customers are more likely to purchase, and will purchase more, when an expert helps them

This retailer capitalizes on the buyer's moment of interest to deliver more personalized service, building customer satisfaction and stronger sales results